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By: Mohd Sulthoni (2008)

The first time I came to Adni, I felt that it was uniquely different from other schools. There were all kinds of thoughts running through my mind to figure out how unique Adni was. I really cherish my happy days in Adni – at school or in the hostel with my hostel-mates. Everything had a memory for me and I felt as if I had complete peace of mind in every step I took.

The hostel I was staying in, was not just my lodging especially for me to spend the nights, but more importantly, it created memories of togetherness with my Indonesian friends and fellow students of Adni who had come before me. We were very close. Not only did we stay together under one roof but also we did almost everything together – doing our daily activities such as studying, going to school, and performing the congregational prayers at Surau Al-Muhajirin. When it was time for dinner, everyone was so anxious to eat together that the brotherly bonding grew stronger and stronger day by day. How strong the togetherness was!

The school hours were different from those of other schools. I wondered why. I said to myself: Adni is incredible! What amazed me was that Adni students came from every corner of the world but they could live together in perfect harmony despite their different cultures and backgrounds. Also, foreign students could collaborate well with Malaysian students. In fact, I had thought that this wasn’t quite possible.

This is Adni’s uniqueness. What makes it practicable? The answer is: ISLAM. To me, Adni students are kind and friendly, and they are beautifully united by ISLAM even though they are of different races, cultures, and backgrounds with which they are adorned. Furthermore, under the noble banner of Allah’s deen that is ISLAM, it seems that there are no differences among them in terms of Muslim brotherhood.

Another cherished memory of my beautiful days in Adni was the “salaam” greeting. Everyone including teachers gave “salaam” to me when we met at school, in the streets, and everywhere. The teachers did not differentiate between Adni students and us although my Indonesian friends and I were under the Student Exchange Program. As a matter of fact, they regarded us as Adni students. And amazingly, they were very close to us in a family atmosphere. It is a proven fact that Allah creates people of many nations so that they know one another. (Al-Hujurat 49:13)
It was sad to say goodbye to the whole Adni family. Unfortunately, my beautiful and happy days in Adni had eventually ended. I couldn’t hold back my sadness as I wasn’t willing to leave Adni and bid farewell to everyone. I knew I would miss them very much.

I will never forget all my hostel-mates and school friends especially my classmates, Secondary 5 Al-Bayhaqi. I will always remember their jokes and laughs. I will also remember Adni teachers who were very kind to me. They inspired me to learn English very well. I enjoyed unforgettable moments with them, not forgetting my foster families - the hostel warden, Ustaz Hassan, and Ummi Sunarni with her big family - who were so kind and generous and had sacrificed their time for all of us, Indonesian students. I thank all of them for their kindness, generosity, and sacrifices, not forgetting my Indonesian teachers and all those concerned throughout my stay in Adni.

* This article was published in Adni Magazine 2008


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